Brain Integration as the Key to Mental Health

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Brain Integration as the Key to Mental Health

Dan Siegel Defines the Attributes of a Healthy Mind

According to Dan Siegel, understanding the connection between the brain and the miraculously various operations of the human mind and body is the first step in applying the findings of Brain Science in clinical practice and he identifies integration as the critical brain function that supports that healing connection.

In this quick video, Dan Siegel lays out how a brain-savvy therapist can help clients increase brain integration and he shares his belief that the attunement between you and clients and the information and experiences you offer them in session, can re-wire their brains in ways that lead to more flexibility, vitality, and intimacy in their lives:

According to Dan Siegel, we need a definition of a “healthy mind” in order to make the most of all that neuroscience has to teach us about helping our clients. And his definition is built on brain integration and interdisciplinary studies.

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One Response to Brain Integration as the Key to Mental Health

  1. lubaker says:

    This was very stimulating, and gave me insights into a particular case where non-verbal communication is rigid. I will read further and begin some new techniques.

    I have for some years used brain mapping to aid clients into understanding more about themselves. It appears to give them confidence in their ability to take control of their change process.

    Thank-you, Dan and Rich!

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