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SOA13 505 with Janina Fisher

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How will what you heard today change the way you practice? Is there a particular technique you plan to try? Do you have specific questions for the presenter? Join the conversation!

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2 Responses to SOA13 505 with Janina Fisher

  1. ellette says:

    Janina Fisher’s presentation was really interesting, because not only did she talk about using an understanding of brain and body in helping our clients, but she also brought the information back to attending to and using our own bodily countertransference in therapy. I was disappointed that none of her slides were visible for the webcast audience, as parts of her talk were not as accessible without them. I was also disappointed that part 2 of her presentation freezes after about 15 minutes–hopefully that will be fixed. I am quite interested in her psychoed flipchart. Does the Networker carry it?

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